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Spicy Grilled Broccoli



1 lb Broccoli Crowns

2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

1/2 Tbsp Outer Limits Habanero Hot Sauce

1/2 tsp Granulated Garlic

Salt and Pepper To Taste

1. Cut Broccoli Crowns into medium sized florets

2. Mix together, all other ingredients in a small bowl and pour over broccoli florets in either a resealable ziploc bag or tupper ware.

3. Let the broccoli marinate for an hour or two.  (If you don't have the time to let it marinate you can cook it right away but the flavors will definitely get stronger with time.)

4. Grill the broccoli over medium high heat on a grill tray or basket for vegetables.  Should take 8-10 minutes total, stir regularly.  They should come off when the tips are just starting to blacken.

5. Serve immediately and enjoy!


Note: If you don't have a grill or would just rather cook inside you can make this dish by roasting the broccoli on a foil lined baking sheet for 25 minutes at 425 degrees, just flip it once half way through.

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