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Our logo and the label for our flagship Habanero flavor were designed by David Cook. We learned of David through his work with bands such as Young Widows and Mastodon. He has a truly unique style and you can see more of his work here.



The art for our Jalapeno Lime flavor was designed by Rich Hall. Rich has been promoting shows in New York City for years with his company 1000 Knives and designed numerous show flyers during that time and since has done t shirts, posters and much more for a number of bands. He is now living in Seattle and doing a ton of paintings. Check out more of Rich's work here.



Our dancing Serrano pepper was illustrated by Tofu Squirrel, a Boston based award-winning illustrator. Tofu Squirrel is known for creating colorful poster illustrations for musicians such as mc chris, Harry and the Potters, Slick Rick, and The Eclectic Collective (now known as Bad Rabbits). She has also made posters for companies like New England Comics and DC Comics. Visit her on Instagram and Facebook or you can check out her website, to see more of her work!



Weedeater are a stoner metal band hailing from Cape Fear, NC.  They are the first band that we're doing a signature flavor for and we highly recommend checking them out for any fans of stoner, doom or sludge metal.  Check them out on Facebook.

Drew Millward


We first discovered Drew Millward thanks to his work with the band Phish.  We've been huge fans after buying the poster he did for their July 6th, 2013 show at SPAC.  He's worked with a number of amazing bands as well as some great breweries, like Dogfish Head.  Check him out at



With his nightmarish psychedelic style Skinner was a perfect fit for one of our labels.  You might recognize his art from the cover of Mastodon's Once More 'Round The Sun or from some of the bumps he's done for Adult Swim or his insane Necronomicon Pup Up Book.  Keep tabs with him on Instagram @theartofskinner.

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